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Wayfair Strategy:

1.Wayfair Bangladesh Limited  main concern is our customer satisfaction and product quality which is Shipment and distribution of products to the customers- Life is not Good but Life is Better.


2.Always,we believe sustainable business and our commitment to responsible business practices.

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3.We continue on our journey, keeping our values and principles at the heart of everything we do. Our golden rules is long term business relationship with our values partner.


4.Wayfair Head office is Dhaka, Bangladesh .Our  Corporate office will be in Berlin, Germany and UAE.


5.We believe and maintain our country CSR. Our focus on business integrity makes Wayfair stronger.It’s protect our people, our assets, our reputations and our relationship with stakeholder.


6.We aim to have a positive influence beyond our own business, working with others to promote human rights and fight corruption.


Our strategy ultimately its helps us grow our sustainable business and represent on the Wayfair sustainable living plan. “We work hard, work together ,success together and enjoy together and living together”