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Consumers of cosmetics and personal care products are protected by strong federal safety regulations by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), cosmetics companies that work to ensure ingredient safety, and a strong commitment by manufacturers to utilize the best science and latest available research data to substantiate the safety of a cosmetic product before it is marketed. Based on the information that is submitted to the FDA, via the Adverse Events Reporting System and other reporting mechanisms, it is important to note that only a very small percentage of cosmetics or personal care products on the market are associated with adverse events.


We provide world class service to up-and-coming businesses, large established brands, private label retailers, physicians, estheticians and other skin care professionals. We understand the constant changes in the skin care industry and are committed to your product quality, and your company success.


They go well together: beauty and health. Cosmetic Ingredients discovers and researches new active ingredients and develops innovative products for cosmetic applications, skin and personal care, UV protection, oral care and the fragrance industry.

Cosmetic Ingredients utilises exclusive raw materials and ingredients – including water-soluble organic plant extracts and ultra-innovative peptides for contemporary anti-ageing solutions.

The segment provides solutions for multiple application areas:

Active Ingredients – High-quality ingredients for beauty and care products based on the latest research and discoveries

UV Filters – Effective and innovative sunlight and skin protectionBotanicals – Highly effective plant extracts for cosmetic applicationsFunctionals – Emollients and emulsifiers for cosmetics and care products